The Best Three Types of Partners (According To The Zodiac Signs)

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Fire signs are always on the move. Fire signs are passionate with their feelings, burning brightly with energy. Their spirits are restless and spend a lot of time searching and exploring. It is no coincidence that most religions incorporate fire into stories and symbolism. The burning bush, the eternal flame, the sun, the burning heart or a fiery punishment. Their passion in their beliefs define them, whether they belong to an established religion or more of a mystic independent of established religious beliefs. They burn bright but sometimes flame out and need to be reignited.
If you love burning passion in your life; if you love to see new places and do new things; if you love to travel, then a fire sign is probably the one for you. They will sweep you off your feet and ignite a burning desire in your heart. They will fan the flames of your spirit and take you on a journey of discovery.


Water signs are mutable and can take on the properties of the other three signs. They can be solid, dependable and unchanging like a glacier. They can burn hot like boiling water. Or, they can float above it all like a cloud. The only thing constant about a water sign is their constantly changing nature. They adapt to the partner they are with for short periods of time. Water signs need time on their own to revert back to their true nature. Water is deep and mysterious like the ocean, or can be light and refreshing like a shower.
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