The Best Three Types of Partners (According To The Zodiac Signs)

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The Zodiac has already done the heavy lifting for you. Perhaps some of you are going to say, “The stars and planets don’t determine my destiny,” and you are probably right. But, the Zodiac does a good job of categorizing humanity into some manageable groups. There are four broad categories based around the symbols of the elements of the universe; Air (Mind), Earth (Body), Fire (Spirit) and Water (Mutable). 



Air is necessary for life, but is also unseen and unpredictable. Air signs are thinkers. They spend time thinking deeply about issues or problems. You will often find them in professions that require intense mental focus and creativity. Like the upper atmosphere, they float above it all and observe from a vantage point where they can see problems clearly. While this can be freeing mentally, it can also lead to a person being somewhat out of touch with daily reality.
If you are really into intellectual pursuits and/or deeply creative endeavors and want a partner who can join you in deep thought about complex issues, then an air sign is definitely a good match for you. You can discuss the deeper mysteries of the universe over coffee or work quietly next to each other without disturbing each other too much, as you both are lost in your own mental worlds.
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