Student in Nigeria develops cure for breast cancer

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Student in Nigeria develops cure for breast cancer
Student in Nigeria develops cure for breast cancer

Women student of this African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Sandra Musujusu, has recently developed an alternate treatment method for breast cancer.

The scientific break through may possibly result in a permanent way in the cure of ovarian cancer widespread amongst women world overthe years.

This Has Been made known on Tuesday at Abuja Once the World Bank Education Director, Doctor Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi Together with his team visited the University as part of the Examination Excursion of the 10 African Centres of Excellence (ACE) Facilities.

Meanwhile, the World Bank has committed about $10 billion to its ACE job in Nigeria, as part of campaigns to support conduct of cuttingedge research and specialisation of their Coast associations in certain development issues faced in Nigeria and even the African American continent.

AUST is currently hosting one of these Centres of Excellence, referred to as Pan African Material Institute (PAMI), together with research concentration electric energy, infection treatment and detection.

Musujusu’s research, with macromolecular science is targeted toward developing bio degradable polymer material that might possibly be applied as alternative for the therapy of breast cancer within the future.

She disclosed that her research is targeted on November bad breast cancer that is the competitive sub type of breast cancer that’s normal with women from African ancestry.

Out of 1-9 African Centres of Excellence, 10 Nigerian tertiary institutions won slots to turn out specific research functions which can compete effectively with world wide norms.

It could be remembered that whenever the Ebola Virus illness broke from Nigeria from the year 2014, among those ACE centers, Redeemers University functioned as the testing site until it had been brought under control.

Musujusu said, “My Research is truly centred on the progression of bio degradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer”

“I am emphasizing triple bad breast cancer that’s in fact the competitive sub type of breast cancer that’s normal with women from African ancestry.”

“I believe there’s a bright future for Africa, as well like a woman there’s more we may do when we’re empowered. This award given to me personally by PAMI has enabled me to handle my studies using an increase of confidence and actually donate to the frontier of knowledge and also move Africa forward”

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