REVEALED: The secrets of TV stars’ stunning new looks

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TV presenters Kirstie Allsopp, Nigella Lawson and Holly Willoughby, while building careers about their intellect, experience and heat on cam, have also demonstrated that you don’t have to be a prototype thin stick bug for a success on tv.

Lately, however, it appears something has changed. In a set of social networking snaps Holly and Nigella have shown new, more outwardly glamorous pictures.

Gone would be the curves, replaced in place of slender, slender frames.

And while they definitely look stunning they also have sparked something of a discussion among fans.

Later Nigella posted an image on Instagram to encourage new series Nigella: In My Table, revealing her stirring a pot from the slinkiest of dark dresses, some enthusiasts appeared mystified how the girl who has consistently insisted she diets has unexpectedly get so svelte.

The discussion grew even hotter following Holly posted an identical picture during Wednesday’s episode of the Morning in skin-tight black pants and trim patterned blouse.

When some enthusiasts defended her fresh appearance — commenting “You seem good Holly, regardless of what your weight” — others weren’t so confident with one bemoaning that she had been “too skinny” and yet another writing: “I love you Holly, consistently been my woman’s crush, but where have your curves gone???

Always beautiful, only worrying you are poorly.” Kirstie Allsopp might not possess such a big social networking existence as Nigella and Holly but through filming for the new collection of Location, Location, Location she’s also shown a much more slender appearance — and also at a meeting this week spoke of the way she’s shed two stone and dropped 2 dress sizes in the previous year alone.

So what is behind the famously curvy stars’ dramatic weight reduction? And why would three individuals who’ve always been vocal in their opinion that the form of a girl’s body is a matter of individual choice and without significance to anyone else, suddenly feel the need to slim down?

Kirstie Allsopp

The 45-year-old real estate expert has ever been her own girl in regards to any issue — like her burden — and has promised previously the only portion of the body she is miserable with are her size-eight feet.

But she also said this week that since becoming a mom to sons Bay, 10 and Oscar, eight, she’s felt a new obligation to stay fit.

I put on two rocks between 40 and 44 and determined that I was being irresponsible as a parent and also a partner and it needed to go”

Kirstie slid herself to a new regimen that combined both exercise and diet, placing her alarm early to squeeze in a workout first thing daily.

“it is a myth which you are able to exercise slimmer, exercise needs to be completed together with eating otherwise.

“I’m on a calorie balance diet plan. I’ve quit eating potatoes and bread and that I do not drink wine. I eat three meals every day — I do not leave your home with no breakfast. What’s vital is having five hours between meals rather than having anything except water through those five hours”

The combination of regular exercise and cautious eating has paid dividends, even though Kirstie admits that the new appearance has come as something of a shock to a few of the fans.

“Because I lost weight folks have tweeted saying, ‘You appear drawn’. 1 disadvantage is that the weight comes from your boobs and face”

Rather than a glass of wine that she relaxes having a vodka and lukewarm water and asserts there is still room to the unusual piece of cake every now and then.

Nigella Lawson

PERHAPS the most magnificently devil-may-care figure tv goes to chef Nigella Lawson, whose Rubenesque style was wed to some belief that ingesting was about pleasure instead of denying yourself something solely for the sake of a diet programplan.

The 57-year-old once said: “I would not need a life in which I dwelt on chia seed pudding, just like I would not need a life in which I dwelt on eggs Benedict or chips and steak.

Life is all about balance, it is not about being unsettled. You do not eat things as you believe that they’re great for you”

However after posting her latest picture about Instagram on Tuesday it appeared that the voluptuous size 16 curves were pared back to a completely trimmer size 12, complete with slender arms and tiny waist.

Fans of this chef instantly clamoured to listen to the secret of the changing body form.

Nigella, nevertheless, insists that she’s never been on any sort of groundbreaking new eating program — however admits she does practise yoga.

“I’ve never been on a diet to attempt and eliminate weight,” she explained.

“I feel like I have not lost weight but I am perhaps in better shape. I’m doing a fairly slow kind of yoga now known as Iyengar.” She also maintained in an interview that the slinky new body contour might be down in a part of operation — although not the type one might anticipate. “I had an extremely glamorous performance — a dual bunionisation,” she explained.

“I could not walk into the refrigerator later and, really, it is quite a great dietplan. Not since I quit eating but since it’s possible to say to a person, ‘Would you get me a piece of cake’

So I have not actually seen any different but I’d fewer chances to eat”

Eventually her place on the function of food as a source of enjoyment instead of guilt stays unchanged.

“No one must eat themselves sick either.”

Holly Willoughby

However, as recent photos of her on Instagram and in the Glamour Awards have revealed, Holly’s fi gure has gotten something of a transformation in recent months, seeming leaner and not as voluptuous.

The 36-year-old is thought to have credited the new appearance to Pilates, which she took up following the arrival of the daughter Belle six decades back, together with Body Control Pilates creator Lynne Robinson admitting: “I worked with Holly for many monthsafter teaching her individually at home after a week”

Holly is staying tight-lipped regarding the motives and processes supporting her weight loss — and also is eager to stress that because her former body contour was nobody’s business but her own, therefore the motives behind her fresh lithe appearance should stay under wraps.

“I really avoid speaking about my diet and workout regime since I’ve interviewed so a lot of people affected by eating disorders,” she states.

“I understand that a few folks in chat rooms may definitely fixate on other people’s diets.

“I do not need to support eating disorders. I don’t to concentrate too much on my physical appearance. So long as I am being healthy that is great enough for me. I am very busy and I try never to allow the way I appear be the primary focus since it isn’t the important thing”

And it appears the vast majority of her supporters would concur.

“Stunning either way”

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