Brave Irish Snapchatter opens up about battle with aggressive breast cancer – after being diagnosed aged just 22

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Dubliner Sorcha Lavelle was left reeling when she had been diagnosed with the disorder — which generally affects women over 50 — past August.

Now Sorcha’s trusting that her snappy videos will assist other young Irish girls become more breast aware.

She revealed: “Snapchat has let me create a terrible situation somewhat excellent.

“I feel like, since I am so young, I could relate to young folks far more than a person in their 50s.”

She added: “When I set my story out there, it may help another woman who finds a bump to have it checked faster.”

Snapchat queen Sorcha got the crushing cancer diagnosis after creating a bulge the size of golf ball in her left nipple about nine weeks ago.

But she also admitted it was just found by chance once she went into the doctor using another complaint.

The Rathfarnham indigenous clarified: “I really went to my GP suffering with a ear ache. At the moment I’d had a huge lump in my breast, and so I decided to get it checked out while I had been there”

She added: “My mom endured with cysts so I just thought it had been that — cancer never entered my head.

“However, the doctor sent me Away into the Breast Care Centre in St James’s Hospital as protocol.

“From the time that I went to get a biopsy about 2 months after it had grown to double the magnitude”

On the other hand, the former air hostess refused to await her hair to drop out as a result of gruelling therapy.

“I had been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on August 17 and began chemo two weeks afterwards.

“I went to Snips hairdressers in town with my buddy and told that the hairdresser to shave my mind. I didn’t wish to awaken hair in my pillow”

Increasing social media celebrity Sorcha is intended to get her right breast removed after this season as a precautionary measure.

And she admitted some days are more difficult than others since she proceeds to undergo therapy.

The 23-year-old explained: “I am halfway through radiotherapy right now.

“In my ward, it is all girls who are my mom’s era.

“There are occasions when you believe: ‘Jesus, I do not wish to do that.’

“You do not look like you.

“People have died from this — I am among those fortunate ones which I am still fighting it.”

Inspirational Sorcha added: “Perhaps this experience was a blessing in disguise.

“I have been receiving a great deal of messages from women my age that are trying to get check-ups or whose mums are moving through it.

“My purpose is to find both girls and men to test themselves more frequently.

“It is an arduous trail — however, it is possible to come out the other end.”

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