5 Golden Rules For Staying Safe When You’re Backpacking

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5. Have a back-up plan

Yep, this means doing all that boring pre-trip admin that just might save your bacon. Stuff like…

  • Getting a travel insurance plan that covers all you mean to do (scuba diving, bungee jumping… wingsuit diving?)
  • Scanning copies of your passport, the fronts and backs of debit and credit cards and any other important documents like visas. Keep one set of scans in your backpack, and another in your pocket – if you lose anything, you can take the copy to your embassy.
  • Splitting any medication you need between your backpack, bag and pocket. That way, if you lose one, you still have some of your supply left.

This attitude shouldn’t stop once you leave your front door, either. Keep asking yourself “what’s my plan B,” at junctures throughout your trip. For example “if there’s a transport strike on the day I arrive at the airport, what’s my plan B for getting to my hostel?”

This means you’ll get in the habit of preparing for problems rather than being blindsided by them, understanding your options and always taking ownership of your actions – a sure-fire way to ultimately stay safe on the road.

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