5 Golden Rules For Staying Safe When You’re Backpacking

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3). Whether you’re sightseeing by day or out drinking after dark, get used to doing an area sweep – this means taking a moment to gauge who’s around and what the atmosphere’s like, and being ready to act on what you see. So if that next table of guys at the bar are staring too much or giving off a weird vibe, move away – don’t leave the evening to chance, your gut’s probably right.

4). Ask yourself before you leave the hostel: “am I going to stick out like a sore thumb out there?” If the answer’s yes, then think about what you can do to change things up. Not blending in can make you a vulnerable target, because you’re sending off signals that you don’t know the area at all. For women, this might mean covering up arms and legs; for men with blonde hair who feel like it makes them stand out, wearing a hat.

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