5 Golden Rules For Staying Safe When You’re Backpacking

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2. Stay alert

Travel is distracting. You can become so overwhelmed with the new things you’re seeing and doing, the excitement pushes other concerns to the back of your mind. In Madrid, I had a favourite leather bag stolen from the ground beside my feet – because my attention was on the tapas I was eating for the first time, my boyfriend and the charming guy trying to sell us roses (…who probably swiped my bag).

Keep these travel safety tips in mind to build your alertness while travelling:

1). When you get up from a table, always look back to check you haven’t left anything.

2). Ask yourself “can I see or feel the belongings I have with me right now?” If the answer’s no, you’re not being vigilant enough. For example, keep your phone in your front pocket (never out on the table), your bag on your knees in a restaurant, or slung across your body when you’re walking (if a shoulder bag. Some people also keep their backpacks on their front to avoid pickpockets, but I personally feel this is a move akin to wearing an LED on your head saying “rob me, I’m new here!”).

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