30 Things You Need To Let Go To Find Happiness

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11. Your mistakes

Regret is a mixed bag. A lot of people proudly say, “I never regret anything,” while others dwell endlessly on the errors they have made. Both of these are extremes, and you should be looking for a healthy middle ground.

It is actually not a bad thing to look back at past decisions you made which were bad ones and think, “Yes, I am truly sorry I did that, and would never do it again.” That kind of regret helps us move on and become better people. But the kind that constantly draws you backwards is unhelpful.

Let your penance for your mistakes take the form of positive action in the future, not endless sorrow and self-loathing. As you evolve in your life, you transform. You are not the person who made the mistakes. You are the person who will never make them again. You deserve your own esteem.

12. The need for perfection

Perfection is an unattainable summit. No matter how high you manage to ascend, you will never reach it. This goes for every aspect of your life, and for your life as a whole. If you refuse to be satisfied with less, you will forever be unsatisfied. The only way to be happy is to accept the fact that things will never be perfect.

Every moment is flawed in one way or another. But that doesn’t mean an imperfect life is without value. Learn to value your life despite its drawbacks. Strive for the best life you can have, knowing you will never reach all of your desires.

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