30 Things You Need To Let Go To Find Happiness

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23. Irrational decision-making

Are you an emotional thinker? Do you let your temper get the best of you when you are angry? Do you plunge into new relationships without thinking because of one exciting night?

While you may not think twice about these decisions when you make them, they can create long-term damage in your life. That temper tantrum you threw in a moment of irrationality might have cost you an important relationship.

That relationship you dove into headfirst without thinking could have turned out to be toxic and addictive, costing you months or years of your life.

Let go of the urge to be impulsive. It is okay to slow down and think critically about your decisions. It does not mean you are not a passionate person. It just means that you care enough about the shape of your life to be passionate about the people and the issues that really matter.

24. The belief that other people have it better

Do you constantly wonder if the grass is greener across the fence? In our social-media-driven world, it is easy to get the wrong idea about other peoples’ lives. Studies have shown that people lie more often online on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes this is for privacy reasons, but it’s also because people want to give the impression they are doing well. As a result, a lot of us live under the delusion that everyone else is doing spectacularly, while we’re floundering in a sea of failure. Worse, this makes you feel like it must be your fault. Because it’s just you, right?

But it isn’t just you. Other people do not have it as good as they want you to think. Let go of the belief that the grass is really greener “over there.” Nobody has a perfect life. If someone says that they do, they’re lying.

It isn’t just you, and it isn’t your fault. And you may think you want what someone else has, but odds are what they have isn’t what you think.

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