30 Things You Need To Let Go To Find Happiness

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19. The belief that your best days are behind you

Remember in high school and college when adults told you, “These are the best days of your life, so make the most of them?” What a depressing thought! Just because those people felt their best days were behind them doesn’t mean that your best days are behind you.

Each of us can remember a special time in our life—maybe it was a year, maybe it was only a day—that makes the rest pale by comparison. But just because it is beyond you, that does not mean every day in front will pale too. Live like the best days of your life are yet to come, and you will give them permission to arrive.

20. Waiting for the perfect moment

Are you always waiting for the right phase of the moon to do something important? Maybe you are putting off starting a business or proposing to your significant other or making a big move. Whatever it is, you cannot wait forever. The stars may never be totally aligned, but that is okay.

Whatever it is you are putting off, let go of that urge to wait until everything is right. When you are as well-prepared as you can be, jump in and get your feet wet. It might just change your life.

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