30 Things You Need To Let Go To Find Happiness

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15. The job you hate

Sometimes it is impossible to change your line of work. If you are in a really poor job market, you may be stuck with what you’ve got. But if you have marketable job skills and there are openings, there is no reason to stick to a job you hate or keep working for a company you cannot stand.

These are the hours of your life, and even though you are being paid for them, time itself is priceless; it is something you have a finite amount of and will never get back. If you absolutely despise your job and have a chance to move on, do it. You will be much happier in your new position.

16. Your crappy living situation

Do you live in an awful apartment complex or neighborhood? Do you live with awful housemates? Do you hate the view out your window? If it is possible for you to move, do it and don’t look back.

Even if you are looking at uncertainty wherever you go next, odds are you will get at least a temporary reprieve from your woes, and at least you will have left your current problems behind you. Don’t settle. Keep looking for a way to improve your situation.

There are few things that will destroy your happiness more quickly and completely than a bad living situation. You deserve to be able to live your life without constant fear or suffering.

Toxic environments can be every bit as dangerous as abusive relationships. Where you live has a huge impact on how you think and feel each day. Find an environment that reflects your spirit and where you can live harmoniously and happily, and you will feel much happier in general.

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